What's your take on Crop Circles?
Midway Entirety
2010-01-11 17:14:39 UTC
Are these extraordinary intricate designs coming from a more intelligent form of life? Do you think that perhaps these may be forming from nothing more than the natural resources of Earth's ley lines? Or something other?

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Fourteen answers:
2010-01-11 17:19:29 UTC
these are coming from the 5th dimension, they are sacred geometry in nature and every design is a message
2010-01-12 01:24:21 UTC
I think that crop circles are anything but ETs or UFOs. They may be odd, they may be created by some strange science, and obviously many are made by people, but the chances that any are from outer space is close to zero. Why would intelligent beings send messages they knew we couldn't understand?
2010-01-12 01:28:29 UTC
I think 75% of crop circles are fake and the other 25% are genuine. Do I believe in aliens? Of course I do. The universe keeps on growing and there are trillions of planets and way more stars. In the trillions of planets, there is definitely aliens.
2010-01-12 01:25:52 UTC
WW1 Tramp Tramp Tramp The Boys Are Marching. That's my take,Hoax! I believe in Ley line,ancient paths still visible. And old English poen As I was walking on the Ley.
2010-01-12 01:24:18 UTC
Though there are some people who did make fake crop circles, but we know it would be impossible to make all of them. I think they're not from aliens, but from some other sort of power. It's like the Nazca Lines, but more recent and complex.
The Darkened Man
2010-01-12 01:21:53 UTC
I believe in Aliens (frankly the Universe is SO big it would be more unbelievable if we WERE alone) but sadly I think most crop circles were in fact faked by people with too much time on their hands
2010-01-12 01:27:23 UTC
I don't think any one of you have any ideal what your talking about. You don't get the answer to these questions on the computer or out of text. The Questions your asking require hands on and then you may not find the answer.
2010-01-12 01:26:44 UTC
Yes. An advanced life form from outer space came to earth to trample our hayfields.
2010-01-12 01:37:07 UTC
Created by either bored or creative people with a lot of free time.
2010-01-12 01:19:04 UTC
I believe, certain amount of crop circles are real in fact.
Timothy Y
2010-01-12 03:25:49 UTC
I believe someone fell asleep while using the combine harvester....
2010-01-12 01:49:38 UTC
I think they are fake. Very pretty though.
2010-01-12 01:20:27 UTC
so some farmers aced geology class?
2010-01-12 01:41:43 UTC
They are hoaxes...

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